PVMS - Paperless Vehicle Management System

At Autoclenz we understand that the automotive industry is a highly competitive arena, made more complicated by its unpredictability – that’s why we continually invest in developing new initiatives, improved systems, and state-of-the-art software to help put our clients in front.

Our Paperless Vehicle Management System (PVMS) eliminates paperwork as well as giving clients total control and full transparency when it comes to managing their valeting and analysing their expenditure in real time.

The facility to ‘drill’ down and evaluate any aspect of their own spend is key to the client’s ability to manage costs and achieve optimum value for money.

Time to see more detail in your valeting costs!

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Effective Cost Control

With new car registrations dropping, dealership running costs must be reduced to preserve margins. Autoclenz recognise this and have invested in unique technology to allow you to track your valeting and vehicle preparation costs down to the minutest detail.

The “Gatekeeper” functions on PVMS helps control both financial and operational delivery. We can set a spend gatekeeper on any department so that a Used Car Full Valet and Reclean are all that can be spent without management authorisation. This will also control and report on “exceptional” bookings and highlight duplicate jobs at source before they go to the valet bay. PVMS can also set an operational gatekeeper whereby a Sales Dept job cannot be booked without 24 hours’ notice to control last minute jobs. It helps with planning and delivering the right customer experience.

Reporting Suite

Our innovative and state-of-the-art Paperless Vehicle Management System (PVMS) has its own Reporting Suite which can interrogate any aspect of every transaction, whether that be by code, by date, by user, by department etc. Any reports can then be exported to excel to use accordingly.

SAVE UP TO 3% per annum with cost control using management information

PVMS is an in-house platform that is unique in our industry and is always developing. It has evolved over the last 15 years and can be configured to each customer by department and user control. You can view weekly exceptions reports before any invoice is raised. It is live, showing jobs awaiting, progressing and completed through the valet bay.