Subject to volume, Autoclenz Cosmetic Repair is available as a static, on-site option where we supply the appropriate equipment and an experienced and talented repairer on site at your premises, ready and equipped to perform cosmetic and medium accident damage repairs to your used car stock, or a mobile service visiting you whenever required.

Our on-site option is also a superb chance to sell essential repair solutions to your service customers, saving them time and hassle, while adding value to your brand.

We've invested in state-of-the-art technologies for class-leading workmanship that's always Health & Safety compliant. What's more, thanks to our Paperless Vehicle Management System you'll enjoy total control and visibility covering every aspect of this service, right at the click of a button, 24/7. This doesn't just help you to monitor your costs and manage your resources, it also highlights opportunities to streamline your operations in order to maximise profitability in the future.

If you would like to talk about Cosmetic Repair, call us on 01283 550033

Glass Repairs

Our glass repair service eliminates windscreen chips, starbursts or bullseyes and uses professional standard windscreen repair equipment to give unbeatable results, every time. This is a highly cost-effective way to generate extra income with minimal output in terms of labour and materials.

Diamond Cut Alloy Repair

Any set of alloy wheels are likely to lose their 'factory finish' look and appeal with time. Autoclenz can help you to add value to your used car stock and service desk with our Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair service. Our highly experience technicians enable us to provide a fast, one stop service whilst achieving the ultimate finish of the wheel. Our bespoke diamond cutting machines provide the highest quality finish within the quickest turnaround time.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We use only state-of-the-art materials, tools, and techniques to perform full face refurbishment of painted and alloy wheels; that's how we achieve a consistent, reliable, and hard-wearing finish that makes tired-looking wheels new again and enhances the vehicle's appearance.

Interior Repair

We'll carry out repairs to upholstery, leather, and carpets, including effectively treating cigarette burns and minor tears. We can also repair plastic trim and dashboards to minimise - and often eliminate - scratches, nicks, and marks.

Flat & Polish

We’ll perform paint repairs to blemishes and light scratches that require flatting and polishing, particularly important for high-risk areas like door handles and around the boot. This service is one more way of serving your customers’ needs as well as building up the kind of relationships that keep customers returning to your business time after time.

Bumper Scuffs

Bumpers take more than their fair share of knocks, and we can carry out repairs to scuffs and scratches either on bumper corners or the entire bumper, including working on coloured or textured bumpers. Our meticulous 3-stage process covers flatting, filling, and repainting the scuffed area.

Plastic Repair

Our experienced operatives have the skills and equipment to repair cracked or split bumpers, and vulnerable areas you and your customers will be glad to have fixed. As always, our operatives perform work to the high standards that will reflect well on your brand and add to its long-term profitability.

Wing Mirror Repainting

Wing mirrors are often subjected to impacts and scuffs, so using a 3-stage process of flatting, filling and repainting, we'll repair the exposed back area of wing mirror casings whether they have a coloured or textured finish. This is a quick and affordable repair for customers, but a good opportunity to perform additional paid work on many of the vehicles that pass through your premises.