About Autoclenz

Our wide range of services continues to reinforce the difference between Autoclenz and the competition

We make doing business with us easier, smoother, and measurably more cost efficient, whether that’s Valeting, Cosmetic Repair, Delivery & Collection, Facilities Management, or Imaging. Better still, our services and resources can be ordered and tracked 24/7 through our state-of-the-art ‘cloud based’ Paperless Vehicle Management System (PVMS), providing total control and complete transparency every step of the way.

Today, we’re a multi-million-pound enterprise at the cutting edge of what we do, with exciting initiatives and pioneering levels of service that have earned us a reputation for excellence and a client base including some of the best-known names in the industry. We continue to work harder and smarter for every single one of those clients, giving them a significant and measurable edge in an ever-competitive marketplace. So, join Autoclenz and our growing portfolio of clients who expect the very best –

The Difference is Clear

An Asset to Your Business

Autoclenz works with a wide range of clients including 8 of the AM Top 10 Retail Dealer Groups

Our client list is varied, also including 4 of the Top 10 Used Car Retailers, a range of Import and Defleet Centres and Car Rental companies such as Europcar, Avis, ZipCar, Sixt and Human Forest.

They are all linked by the simple fact that the way we work and the services we offer have improved the day-to-day operations and long-term profitability of all the clients we work with.

The quality of our work, the effectiveness of our account management and our unique ability to add value to businesses while trimming their costs is what make us an asset to any business, including yours.

Driven by Innovation

We understand that the motor trade is a highly competitive arena made more complicated by its unpredictability

That’s why we’ve invested in developing new initiatives, improved systems, and state-of-the-art software to help put our clients in front.

Our Paperless Vehicle Management System (PVMS) and Bluenet online system are the first of their kind in the industry. Together, these systems virtually eliminate paperwork as well as giving clients total control and full transparency when it comes to managing their valeting and analysing their expenditure on it in real time. The facility to ‘drill’ down and evaluate any aspect of their own spend is key to the client’s ability to manage costs and achieve optimum value for money.

Pay-per-vehicle is another initiative designed to improve profitability by ensuring clients pay only for the work that’s completed, regardless of forecourt traffic or the whims of supply and demand.

We also use class-leading quality control procedures, rigorous auditing systems, service level agreements and a thorough customer care programme to really look after our clients’ interests, not just ours.


Autoclenz are open and transparent, ensuring all its operators are compliant through its robust systems

These checks include; that each worker has the legal right to work in the UK, their identity and driving licence bureau checks have been undertaken and that they are paid at least the minimum wage, often more.

What is the cost to your business of not being compliant? Is it worth the risk?

At a time when brand reputation has never been more important, it is vital to work with proven, experienced cleaning professionals who are perfectly aligned with yours and your customer's needs.

Collaborating closely with our established SHEQ department and leadership team, Jenny White - Compliance and Training Officer, is touring our customer sites and working in partnership with health & safety representatives, to achieve the common goal of compliance and to further build an embedded compliance culture. In an age of heightened concern around compliance, Autoclenz consistently takes a forward-looking approach and strives to set new standards, which will continue to benefit our clients.