Overview of Continuous Improvement:

At the heart of the C.I initiative is the C.I Cycle of ‘Identify – Plan – Execute – Review’, with the vision for Autoclenz to continuously strive for excellence and become a World Class Company and partner to our Customers.

From the start of Autoclenz’s C.I initiative all areas of the business, from people, to internal processes and procedures, through to Customer Service and delivery have been analysed for improvement opportunities and a plan put into place to implement change across the whole of the business.

Some of the examples of Autoclenz’s C.I include the following:


  • All layers of operational management have attended either the 4 day IOSH Managing Safely qualification, or the 1 day IOSH Working Safely qualification.
  • E-Learning program and Portal designed and formally rolled out across all departmental functions, encompassing a broad range of modules, from Occupational H&S through to Compliance subjects and general Managerial topics.
  • Regional Operations Manager (ROM) Job Description revised and issued to every ROM.
  • ROM Monthly 1-2-1 Performance Review, for the Heads of Business, designed and implemented.
  • Autoclenz have begun annual appraisals for Managers since 2018; included within the appraisal template is a Personal Development Plan for each Manager to begin working on. This is a huge step, change and improvement for the business. The annual appraisal is intrinsically linked to the monthly 1-2-1 Performance Review, with the appraisal providing the Manager with the ‘bigger picture’ key personal and business objectives and the monthly reviews focusing on the day to day performance of the Manager within their Accounts.
  • ‘Guidance for Valeters’ document was completed, and it key areas such as H&S, Communication and Quality of Work. All Team Leader’s also receive this document.
  • A monthly Senior Management Meeting (SMM), involving the MD, SD and the Heads of Business, takes place in week 3 of each month. The main objective of the SMM is to push the business forward, with C.I very much central to the agenda, along with best practice sharing and generating a ‘One Company’ ethos.

Internal Processes & Procedures:

  • A Process Flow for the ‘reporting of damage’ designed and communicated Company-wide.
  • Considerable amount of time and finance has been put into improving Autoclenz’s H&S Database/Portal to support the operational teams.
  • An ‘Operator 6 Pack Induction’, covering all core H&S fundamentals is in place.
  • Damages and accidents are being integrated into the H&S Portal to facilitate in a more detailed root cause analysis for the Regional Management team; with live data and tracking to assist in causation mitigation.
  • On Site Permit (OSP), an holistic approach to positively changing behaviours and cultures with Operator’s, was designed by Autoclenz in 2017 and has now been integrated into the H&S Portal and was rolled out Company-wide in 2018.
  • Autoclenz’s key suppliers, such as chemical and equipment suppliers, have been closely managed and clear expectations given to them. The suppliers had their SLA’s reviewed, revised and re-issued, and all key suppliers are now working to monthly KPI’s which are shared across all operational teams.
  • The key focus with the chemical supplier is on ‘product innovation’ and bringing this in to Autoclenz’s C.I program.
  • Autoclenz attained ISO14001 accreditation at the end of 2018.

Questioning ‘Where can we improve?’, ‘How can we improve?’ and continually questioning if the status quo in any area of the business can be changed for the better, are now part of Autoclenz’s company culture.

To put focus on Continuous Improvement an ‘Autoclenz C.I logo’ was designed and is now being used on internal documentation and communication.

Overview of our 12 month E-Learning Portal - Details of courses/subjects covered off i.e. Modern Slavery Act, GDPR etc.

Autoclenz believes passionately in developing and investing in our employees, and is a key C.I area for the business.

The E-Learning Portal, covers a broad range of topics, such as:

  • The Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Time Management
  • Equality & Diversity
  • GDPR
  • Communication
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Leadership
  • Stress Management (Managers)
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Work
  • Health & Wellbeing

Additional to the above, within the E-Learning plan, is the ‘3 Year Training Plan’ for Occupational H&S, Quality and Environmental, covering areas such as:

  • ISSO9001 awareness (Quality)
  • ISO14001 awareness (Environmental)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling
  • Electrical Safety
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Lone working