Our Eco Shine offering uses a mobile solution to visit your site on an agreed schedule to maintain your pitch vehicles, and potentially showroom windows, using deionised water technology to leave a crystal clear, streak free finish every time.

This environmentally friendly approach removes the need for excessive water usage (hose pipe), ongoing labour, various chemicals & materials usage, and significantly reduces the time to get your display vehicles and showroom windows looking gleaming.

Match this to a “Pay as you Go” approach and you have the best of all worlds.

So ditch the site hose and site maintenance valeter running the tap all day and experience the Autoclenz Eco Shine solution with a 10 car FREE DEMO to see how it works!

If you would like to talk about Eco Shine, call us on 01283 554682 or email

Environmentally friendly

Streak free in all weather*

*Best results when utilised 3 times per week

Maintain your pitch vehicles with our mobile solution

Showroom windows optional

Charge per unit**

**Minimum of 30 units per visit (40 units in the North)

Available at a time to suit you

Frees up resource to concentrate on other areas of the business