Autoclenz Imaging takes advantage of online technology and changes in customer behaviour by offering the chance to have high-quality video and photos available on your website.

Whether you're a dealership or auction, the power of showcasing freshly valeted vehicles to computer, smartphone and tablet users is already undeniable, and it's only set to increase as this technology spreads.

In terms of the impact of using online technology, the numbers speak for themselves.

Selected users of Autoclenz Imaging have already reported a 19% increase in sales and 46% fall in marketing spend since using this service. Meanwhile, 73% of vehicle buyers have said they like to see video footage before purchasing, with 71% saying it makes them more likely to visit a dealership.

This is an essential and proven sales tool perfect for reaching today’s increasingly technology savvy vehicle buyers.

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Automatic VPN Recognition

Thanks to revolutionary technology, our system features automatic Vehicle Plate Number recognition which means that customers don’t need to worry about naming or sorting the video and images before going online. This makes using the system easier, and that makes it more likely that they’ll buy from you. In short, VPN Recognition is one more way of smoothing out and accelerating the sales process, and that’s always a good thing for your bottom line.

Personal Videos

We’ve got the resources to create – and then email – personalised videos showcasing the specific vehicles a customer might be interested in. As well as effectively generating targeted sales leads and making your customers feel special, this system provides greater transparency for monitoring your sales process and helps identify training needs as a result. Gathering and using detailed Management Information is one of the keys to growing your business.

Smartphone and Tablet Capability

Increasingly, your customers use smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices to see video and photos of the vehicles they’re thinking of buying. Thanks to state-of-the-art compatible software, our imaging service is available to smartphone and tablet users everywhere, and that means more potential customers looking at your vehicles more of the time. The end result will be more traffic to your showroom, and a corresponding increase in sales.

360o Video

Immediately after valeting, when your vehicles are looking their best, our skilled operatives use specialist software developed by to film a 90-second 360° ‘walk-round’ video showcasing the cars. Customers who visit your website can rotate each vehicle on their computer sceen, smartphone or tablet – a great way to build up the customer confidence that leads to a visit, followed by a sale. Technology like this is revolutionising the way people buy cars.

Still Images

10 photos are produced by the software while videoing takes place. These images support your wider sales and marketing activity by keeping viewers logged on to your website for longer. The high-quality images build trust, showing potential buyers the quality and condition of your vehicles in greater detail. Showing your vehicles online also helps to reduce the likelihood of wasted visits to your premises, helping to improve the overall efficiency of your business.