Giving your customers a more comprehensive, attentive and enjoyable overall experience doesn’t just have a lasting impression on them, it also helps elevate your brand to a level beyond your competitors.

Our Customer Experience service gives you Valet Parking, Meet & Greet options and Customer Dropoffs - all the essential extras that help free up your own staff while enabling you to offer customers a value-added service. Not only that, the chance to up-sell to customers by charging for certain additional services also creates a welcome new revenue stream for boosting the profitability of your business.

As always, this all-round service comes with all the dedicated, responsive account management you need for running your business smoothly. On top of that, our Paperless Vehicle Management System will help you keep organised on a day-to-day basis as well as providing all the detailed Management Information you need for making savings and growing your profits.

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Whatever type of automotive business you run, our valeting comes with all the services and attention to detail you’d expect from a market leader. It also saves time and money thanks to hands-on regional account management, hard-working operatives and our Paperless Vehicle Management System that gives total control and transparency at your fingertips, 24/7. Best of all, our value-added services like Eco Shine, Forecourt Maintenance and Service Washing add superb opportunities to generate extra revenue and profits; that makes us the perfect partner for helping take your business to the next level.

People Management & Progression

Our Regional Operations Managers, ACS Divisional Support Managers and Operators are our greatest asset, and that’s why we invest heavily in choosing the right individuals and then overseeing their progress and development. We also use supportive management systems and a tried & tested ‘Our People Shine’ structure to reward our people for performing brilliantly, and it shows in the attitude and conduct of every member of Autoclenz. Rest assured, we’re a company that customers enjoy doing business with.


Offering your service and sales customers the chance to have their vehicle collected and delivered is a superb opportunity to enhance their perception of your business. Our innovative Logistics service also includes inter dealer stock transfers, customer home and business deliveries, and new vehicle fleet deliveries. This approach from has enabled us to drive efficiency into dealer group’s operations, and giving complete transparency to where the cost sits.


Imaging & Video is the best way to display your vehicles online, with research showing that 73% of buyers like to see video footage before they purchase, and participating dealerships reporting a 19% increase in sales and a 47% reduction in marketing spend. We’ll video your vehicles immediately after we’ve valeted them – the perfect time to create eye-catching footage that will boost your sales. This is the ideal way to make technology work wonders for your business, and in this day and age it’s a service you can’t afford to ignore.

Meet & Greet and Parking

Our courteous Operators can meet & greet, as well as parking your service and sales customers' vehicles as they arrive at the dealership, before accompanying them to the appropriate department and making sure that your own team knows that the customer is waiting. It’s personal touches like these that make all the difference when it comes to generating the customer satisfaction that leads to long-term and more profitable customer relationships.

Premises and Window Cleaning

By using the same Regional Operations Manager who runs your valeting operation to also manage your Facilities Management, we’ll give you a service that’s efficient, effective, and just a phone call away. This service is built around you and covers everything from showroom windows, wiping desks to cleaning toilets, emptying bins, polishing floors and workshop areas, and vacuuming carpets. Having clean, functional premises is one more way of impressing your customers, and we’ll make sure that’s exactly what happens.

Customer Communication

Our Regional Operations Managers know that regular and effective communication is essential for delivering the high standard of service our customers have come to expect. At Autoclenz we listen to our customers to better understand their current needs, allowing us to adapt, act on what we hear, support accordingly and continuously Improve. This approach creates an altogether smoother and more streamlined partnership.

ISOS and Quality Management

As well as conforming to all relevant 9001:14001 ISO standards, we also employ our own rigorous Quality Management processes to ensure that targets are hit and expectations are exceeded. Intelligent use of Key Performance Indicators gives customers the peace of mind that comes from seeing real-world results they can measure.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

We believe that knowledge is power, and that’s why we go to great lengths to monitor and measure the satisfaction of every one of our customers in order to continually refine and improve our services. We’re an open and forward-thinking business, and we’re always happy to hear feedback from our valued customers. After all, if a customer isn’t happy, neither are we.

Dedicated Customer Helpdesk

Our dedicated UK-based Customer Helpdesk gives you a familiar voice from a helpful professional at the end of the phone, always ready to do whatever we can to help make sure your daily operations run every bit as smoothly as your partnership with us. We pride ourselves on being an approachable and friendly business, but also one that gives you the professionalism you need to always operate smoothly and consistently.

PVMS and Support Systems

Fully integrated into our finely tuned support systems, our unique Paperless Vehicle Management System gives customers total financial and operational transparency across the entire service solution we provide them with. The end result is dramatic and measurable time and cost savings, leading to considerable potential for increasing your profits.