Autoclenz Logistics provides a bespoke solution in driven movements for Dealer Groups and Rental Partners. Our solution enables a client to truly outsource their logistics requirements as a standalone project which can include the TUPE of existing in-house drivers.

We also support with our own drivers providing valuable flexibility during busy periods. This takes an existing fixed cost and headcount off the balance sheet and turns it into a “pay as you go” outsource invoice per delivery or collection.

Using our in-house logistics platform and experienced Fleet Controllers we can find efficiencies in moving vehicles whilst ensuring each customer experience is second to none. All of this with an invoice per vehicle movement and detailed reporting from our platform to monitor spend, efficiency and average cost per movement across any estate.

To discuss our Logistics service please call us on 01283 550033

Dealer Groups

We can support all elements of a Dealer Group’s logistics requirements. Typically, this is dealer transfers of internal stock, home delivery of sales customers vehicles in a world of internet sales, and service department collection & delivery of service customer’s vehicles.

All of the above can be bespoke to your requirements, based on a full-time contract and can include the TUPE of your existing in-house employees.

All movements operate on our in-house platform and create an audit trail and cost for each movement. The reporting function and end of day reporting provides valuable management information on controlling costs whilst providing an important element of your customer’s journey. Outsource and move from a fixed internal cost to a “pay as you go” variable invoice whereby each job can be costed directly to a vehicle and department.

Rental Partners

Autoclenz supports our Rental Partners with Logistics of rental vehicles to and from customers’ homes and workplaces. This must happen in a timely manner so that vehicles which are off hired can be collected, turned around and ready to rent again as efficiently as possible. This is more important now, more than ever post Covid, due to the reduced fleet sizes that most of the rental partners operate with. The headcount can be flexible to support the extended hours of our Rental Partners and their own peaks and troughs.

We also support the “On Demand” marketplace with rebalancing, in situ cleaning and safety checks with our urban mobility partners.

Fleet Companies

Autoclenz works with the UK’s largest fleet maintenance company providing collection and delivery of fleet users vehicles into their maintenance depots for service and MOT requirements.

Company vehicle users do not want to waste valuable time dropping off and collecting their vehicles or sitting and waiting. Working with our fleet maintenance provider we can collect a customer’s vehicle at a specified time, carry out a damage/condition check and take the vehicle and drop off for maintenance. The vehicle will be returned to the customers address at an agreed time. The customer can work from home or their office with little or no inconvenience to their day.


Autoclenz Deliveries and Collections are supported by our online IT System ‘Autocheck’. The system was developed to support our Collection and Delivery service and has been doing this successfully, as part of our ALS business, growing year on year.

We understand the needs of our customers and are committed to the ongoing development of Autocheck - a live online system giving the customer 24/7 visibility and constant updates of the work that has been carried out at the click of a button. The service is delivered by dedicated people at each account who have vast geographical and operational knowledge and years of experience within our business.