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Congratulations to Matt-Couzens-Davies

Congratulations to Matt-Couzens-Davies on his well-deserved success in achieving the prestigious Cranfield University MBA.

Martin Ward, Managing Director, of Autoclenz said: ‘Our Continuous Improvement philosophy has always encouraged individuals to grow and continue to learn, both personally and professionally. When helping people grow, I am always reminded of a phrase I heard many years ago “What if you train people and they leave” with the reply “What if we don’t and they stay”! We have always been proud of being able to support colleagues who embrace our culture of continuous improvement. Matt has worked extremely hard and deserves this success which has also helped Autoclenz, as a business, to implement new strategies and adapt positively to change’.

Matt Counzens-Davies said: ‘Achieving the prestigious Cranfield University MBA over the past two years has been a truly enriching experience. I'm really grateful, both for Autoclenz's backing for the MBA and the support that I received during my studies. The extensive range of academia that I covered has broadened my executive skills and I've been able to apply them within Autoclenz to really focus on organisational resilience, working with my fellow Directors and the Senior Team to make the business 'fit for the future', implementing a digital transformation strategy to drive value through Autoclenz's supply chain and for the service levels to the customer base'.

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