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While conventional services rely on two drivers and vehicles, our system eliminates the running costs of that second car, not to mention the cost of extra labour and the time your drivers spend in traffic.

Research shows that a typical franchised dealership employing two in-house drivers could save up to £12,000 per year. Meanwhile, perceptions of your brand also benefit, as our foldaway electric bikes

are clean, environmentally friendly and the perfect way to deliver a service that makes your life and your customers’ lives easier. Lastly, PVMS lets you monitor any jobs, hours and costs associated with this service, and that means complete control and transparency for helping you achieve optimum efficiency within your business.


Using a single driver and our innovative foldaway bike service, we’re able to deliver rental vehicles to any location. Once the vehicle has been delivered, our driver simply unloads the bike from the boot and returns to the depot, saving your business fuel, reducing its carbon emissions, and eliminating the need for a second car and driver.


We can safely deliver and collect vehicles to and from airports, whether it’s a private car or a fleet car. As ever, this service is carefully built around your needs and available using either our team of drivers or our unique foldaway bike service.


Using our driver team or our foldaway bikes solution, we’ll collect privately owned or fleet cars from your customers’ homes, first delivering them to service departments and then returning them right to the customers’ doors once any work has been carried out. It’s one more way to impress your customers and generate extra satisfaction and long-term loyalty.


In towns and cities where traffic is an issue, our foldaway bike service is the perfect solution for cars that need either collecting from or delivering to key vehicle sites. Incredibly efficient and perfect for quickly negotiating traffic, our foldaway bikes save time and money while improving overall vehicle usage within your business.


This is the ideal way to move new and used sales vehicles to and from different showrooms and dealerships. Again, our foldaway bikes mean big savings for your business as well as strengthening its green credentials, something your brand can only benefit from.


Collecting and delivering your service customers’ vehicles is a superb way to save them time and inconvenience while differentiating your business by going the extra mile. We’ll perform the collection and delivery for you, covering locations including homes, offices or airports, and returning the vehicle to its owner freshly washed, looking great and ready to drive.


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