Breakout For Ben

Lucy Duggins  17 October 2019 11:22:40
Autoclenz are proud to be supporting TrustFord Team Runaway Runaways as they set off on their Breakout for Ben adventure.

Image:Breakout For Ben

 For many years TrustFord has partnered with the Ben Automotive Industry Charity ( This is a small but amazing organisation who, for over 100 years have helped and supported those in the industry at times of financial and emotional need. Due to the success of 2018, the TrustFord Chairman & CEO has challenged teams across the country to participate in Breakout for Ben 2019, to see how far they can travel in 25 hours, while raising funds for Ben. As a group they hope to break their fundraising efforts from 2018 and raise a breakthrough amount, so please give what you can to this amazing charity.

Good Luck Team Runaway Runaways!

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