Lucy Duggins  27 March 2019 15:23:59
Autoclenz is best known for its vehicle valeting services but there’s a whole lot more to Autoclenz than cleaning cars. Clients now benefit from a suite of services that can save money, increase revenues and improve your customer satisfaction.

This month we look at how Autoclenz can help you deliver added value for your customers and added profits for you too.

Earn a Significant Margin on SMART Repairs

Whether you’re a Retail Dealership, Auction House, Volume Refurbishment or Daily Rental Operator, the ability to consistently deliver a high-quality customer experience is paramount. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, you also need to exploit every avenue for potential sources of new revenue.


Autoclenz Smart currently provides on-site smart repair services to many dealerships. This not only helps the Sales department improve their vehicle turnaround time but, most importantly, it allows the Service Department to upsell customers with Smart repairs at retail prices yielding significant margins for the dealership. So, why not use the Service Inspection as a launch-pad to open the discussion with your customers about having cosmetic repairs carried out?

Having the ability to offer something to your Service customers that is different will help improve your customer satisfaction ratings. If this also means an improvement in the bottom line, then that is a real win-win.

Join Our Blue-chip Client List

Autoclenz is the regular winner of industry awards and is the preferred supplier for 8 of the AM Top 10 Dealer Groups. Why not ask us how our SMART Repairs solution could work for you?

Contact Lucy on 01283 554682 or email lucy.duggins@autoclenz.co.uk

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