Ready to Retail in 72 Hours

Lucy Duggins  1 February 2018 11:51:49
This month for the 4th year running Autoclenz will be sponsoring the “Best Used Car Performance” category at this years AM Awards in Birmingham.

Having an outsource partner that can just “valet” the car is not making the most of best in the marketplace.  Used cars are where the margin and growth is in 2018 so let Autoclenz show you a better way. A slick, transparent process is required to ensure maximum profit can be realised through every unit. Autoclenz can manage this from SMART Repair, Valet & Imaging through the right IT and management processes to ensure this happens every time.

Using our PVMS system, after appraisal a used car can be booked into SMART with a controlled cost, monitored on the system and then passed in Valet with a controlled cost, and finally imaged & uploaded at a controlled cost. This is the ultimate “ready to retail” solution at a controlled and transparent cost. All completely visible in real time with the ability to interrogate and report on any aspect of the process through our IT system.

Image:Ready to Retail in 72 Hours

Set your budget, subject to your used car profile, and let Autoclenz manage this process within 72 hours to have a slick used car process to maximise profits in this area.

We look forward to seeing you at the AM Awards, come and say hello.

For more information on the difference at Autoclenz contact Lucy Duggins on 01283 554682

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