Autoclenz, the ultimate outsource partner

Lucy Duggins  1 March 2018 11:57:47
Autoclenz’s success has come from listening to clients and delivering solutions that save money, add value or improve retail customer satisfaction – sometimes all three.

Savings come from the efficiency of a specialist outsourcing company managing your valet bay, the economies of scale in supporting the operation and transparent IT to track productivity and spend. This can include our imaging and upload solution. This is also true with our SMART repair implant solution, which refurbishes your stock on site quicker, more consistently and on budget.

Image:Autoclenz, the ultimate outsource partner

There are many opportunities to add value and upsell over the aftersales desk. This can be the upsell of a retail valet or SMART repair. We have clients offsetting 34% of their valet spend by selling these services simply by asking the question. All point-of-sale activity and delivery is managed by Autoclenz. And finally, improved CSI.

All of the above will certainly help with a customer’s perception of your business. Our Value Add portfolio includes a car park concierge to help your customers park, meet-and-greet operators to set the scene for your customers’ dealership visits and collection and delivery operators, again to enhance the offering to your customers. All of these could be the difference between a customer choosing you over your competition.

Autoclenz can help your customer retention, improved CSI scores and an improved bottom line.

For more information on the difference that Autoclenz can make to your business, please call Lucy on 01283 554682, or visit our website:
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