Control your valeting costs

Lucy Duggins  10 October 2018 10:50:59
It’s budget time, that part of the year when many dealers are benchmarking their current valet supplier as spending for the following year is set.

Decisions will largely be based on “best pricing” policy, which is not the complete answer. Competitive pricing by itself is not the key to controlling your expenditure. Cheap pricing with rising labour costs is artificial and somewhere in the contract spend may be hidden sales of multiple cleaning per vehicles, or additional sundry codes being unnecessarily booked.

This will ultimately give an inflated level of sales spending, required to support a “cheap” valet price deal. Pay the right price in the first place and then control those prices with complete transparency.

At Autoclenz, using our cloud-based paperless vehicle management system, PVMS, we can “gatekeep” your spending, by vehicle, by department, or by site, to ensure you hit your budget. Our system can be configured to suit each customer’s application, whether on a spending limit per vehicle, code allowance per vehicle or monthly cost.
Image:Control your valeting costs

Along with its reporting suite, it has proven to be a very valuable management tool in the modern dealership, saving up to 3% on like-for-like pricing by stopping unnecessary cleans. Utilising this tool along with pricing that supports legal, compliant and sustainable service delivery, your spending can be controlled to the penny, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

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