Improve Used Car Performance

Lucy Duggins  23 September 2016 10:27:36
From p/x appraisal through to personal video presentations on retail vehicles there are many opportunities where Autoclenz can help you eak out every pound of profit through the used car process. If you have p/x vehicles going to the trade or auction invest a little through the valeting department to maximise the sale price. It has been proven that vehicles that have received a decent valet, machine polish or clay bar realise better prices under the hammer. For £50 investment you can easily convert that into an extra £250 profit at auction.

Image:Improve Used Car Performance

The same can be said with your own retail stock. Look at each vehicle as a separate unit. What does that vehicle need to realise the maximum return. If it is a base non-metallic colour a machine polish at £25 will make an amazing difference, particularly with the current trend of white and red cars on the roads.  If a vehicle has fallout and paint contamination ask for a clay bar to remove this contaminate during the wash process at a similar charge to a machine polish. The point is by appraising each vehicle and using the full scope of the valeters skills you really can see and maximise the return you get on your investment.

Add SMART Repair into this process and Video Imaging when the vehicle is freshly valeted and you have the complete solution.

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682

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