Imaging, the ultimate shop window

Lucy Duggins  23 November 2017 11:27:50
Image:Imaging, the ultimate shop window

The ability to present your stock for sale in the best light is essential, not only physically on-site, but wherever the marketplace takes you. Why have the fixed cost of a digital photographer or outsource company coming on site? Surely the best time for imaging a vehicle is when it is freshly valeted and quality controlled?

Autoclenz has the solution working with our partners, AutosOnShow. Via a configured app, we can photograph vehicles with backdrops, and take a 60-second video if required, as part of a controlled process. Every used vehicle is photographed at the point of valet, ensuring the best quality of image.

Furthermore, we upload the images in a matter of seconds, often before the vehicle has even been driven onto the forecourt and priced. As part of our service, we manage the quality and stock-versus-images ratios to ensure consistency of quality and volume. All of this at a very attractive per car charge, no fixed cost and a flexible invoice.

Imagine your website showing every vehicle freshly valeted, displayed in the same way with video and stills, uploaded at the point of valet in a speedy manner.

Link this with some very impressive search engine optimisation tools that ensure your stock is being matched to prospects’ specific search criteria and the results speak for themselves.

For more information on the difference that Autoclenz can make to your business, call 01283 554682 or email
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