Valeting in the Digital Age

Lucy Duggins  16 May 2018 13:01:06
IT doesn’t clean cars, it will always be a highly labour intensive activity to prepare vehicles to the highest retail standards, however IT plays an important part in creating efficient workflow and controlling spend.

The Autoclenz PVMS (Paperless Vehicle Management System) is the ultimate tool in controlling the movement of your stock through the valet, preparation & imaging process whilst controlling total spend. We can configure the system on a site by site basis with approved users, departments and sign offs. We can also set spend limits via the “Gatekeeper” platform by valet code, vehicle, department or site and reduce duplicate and multiple cleans. Clients have reported 3% savings using this function. Operationally PVMS gives live data on awaiting work, work in progress and completed work through the valet bay.  This is key for our Account Management team in resourcing the valet bay through busy times.

Image:Valeting in the Digital Age

Our additional services of SMART Repair and Imaging also progress through PVMS giving complete transparency to the full process of refurbishment through to ready to retail and live for sale on your website at a controlled spend.

Link PVMS with Autoclenz MI to evidence our service delivery and Account Management and you have the best IT to manage efficient vehicle preparation on budget, on time and to the right quality. Who said IT doesn’t clean cars ?

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682

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