Control your valeting costs with Autoclenz

Lucy Duggins  1 November 2017 15:17:17
It’s tender time of year when many dealers are benchmarking their current valet supplier as budgets are set. Often it can be triggered due to unresolved service issues but the outcome will always focus on pricing, or more to the point spend.

Competitive pricing is one thing although by itself is not the key to controlling your spend. Quotations with very sharp pricing will have to support this pricing in some way and typically that will result in multiple cleaning per vehicles, ie a car could receive numerous valets whilst in stock which will affect your average per unit valet cost. This will lead to scratching of heads with dealership accountants who know they have a “cheap” valeting deal but can’t understand why their spend is spiralling out of control.

At Autoclenz utilising our PVMS cloud based system we can “gatekeep” your spend, by vehicle, by department, by site to ensure you hit your budget.  Our system is bespoke so we can configure to suit each customers application, whether on a spend limit per vehicle, code allowance per vehicle or monthly cost.  Along with it’s reporting suite it has proven to be a very valuable management tool in the modern day dealership.

Utilising this tool along with pricing that supports legal, compliant & sustainable service delivery your spend can be controlled to the penny giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Image:Control your valeting costs with Autoclenz

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