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Lucy Duggins  1 October 2017 15:13:12
Why do customers choose your dealership? Is it location, ease of booking, staff attitude, quality of service wash, pricing etc? Well it’s of all of these and more, but it is certainly true that the Aftersales customer journey will significantly help to retain customers for both Sales and Aftersales whilst encouraging repeat business.

So you need to differentiate your business by delivering a great customer experience that will drive customer numbers, spend and those all important CSi rankings?

Autoclenz can improve customer experience in Aftersales in 3 main areas. Firstly the ease of booking. We can offer a fully insured collection & delivery solution so that your customer doesn’t need to leave their home or workplace. This is very popular with fleet users. This also keeps lead times down and releases pressure on the courtesy cars. Secondly we can improve the “free” service wash which is a great opportunity to wow the customer.  Small low cost improvements by dressing tyres, striping carpets and “new car” essence air freshener in addition to the usual wash, leather & vac can really enhance customer perception. Thirdly the upsell. Offer a full valet or SMART repair whilst the car is on site, again improving customer perception and ultimately profit.

These are all either self-funding or low cost initiatives to improve Aftersales customer experience, and therefore customer retention.

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682
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