Take the SMART approach to Cosmetic Repairs

Martin Peters, Sales Director, Autoclenz Group  2 December 2015 16:51:01
SMART, or cosmetic, repair has been around for a long time. Traditionally, the way it worked was for independent franchisees to come on site once or twice a week, meet with the sales manager and gather a list of cars on the pitch to repair. This approach is now getting a little long in the tooth.

Guys in vans spraying cars in your customer car park in all weathers will always deliver questionable quality. It also leaves a black hole of unknown cost. Most dealer principals I meet have no idea what their SMART spend is, but they know to the penny what they spend on valet.

The solution is a permanent SMART presence, so that this becomes part of the preparation process – in short, appraisal, mechanical pre-delivery inspection, SMART repair, valet – and the car is ready to retail.

To do this inhouse is a massive cost, financially and in management time, and it requires the unique skill-set to attract and retain a SMART repairer. In addition, there are pitfalls around new health and safety (H&S) legislation regarding ventilation and the latest paint technology.

Autoclenz can supply a fully trained and managed SMART repair solution including all materials, H&S, even bespoke facilities, if required, to implant into your business. It will give you the ability to control your spending and present your stock better and quicker. By selling this service over the service desk, you can create a profit centre while improving your customers’ experience.

Link this with our valeting solution and PVMS IT system and you have complete visibility and control.

For more information on the difference at Autoclenz, visit our website: www.autoclenz.co.uk
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