Outsource to avoid the recruitment black hole

Martin Peters, Sales Director, Autoclenz Group  1 October 2015 14:37:34
 There is always a strong case for outsourcing, as is shown in our Supplier Showcase in this month AM magazine, but now more than ever the argument is strengthened by worrying signs in the labour market.

AM Oct Autoclenz Supplier Showcase(3).pdf

This month we see another increase in minimum living wage, with a further increase in April 2016 taking us to ¬£7.20 an hour. That’s an increase of 10% in six months. The effect this will have on the average dealership must not be underestimated. Anyone in your business on minimum wage, typically valeters, drivers, receptionists and office cleaners, have just significantly impacted your margin unless you can pass these costs on, which is always a challenge.

Why stay with a fixed cost that is going to continue to rise out of your control subject to the government of the day ? Surely a flexible invoice from a specialist outsourced partner who can deliver efficiency and cost control is a better fit and margin-resilient. Also you have the benefits of removing headcount from your business and improving associated financial KPIs, replacing it with a variable supplier invoice.

We also have to consider the hot potato of immigration. As has been highly publicised recently, it is critical that you recruit labour that is both legal and compliant or the penal­ties and commercial fallout that follows is significant.

The case for outsourcing just gets stronger and Autoclenz is best placed to deliver the solution for your business.

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