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Lucy Duggins  10 April 2017 11:56:42
Autoclenz is proud to announce that we will be partnering with AutosOnShow to give our clients the best possible imaging solution in the marketplace.

By teaming up with AutosOnShow we can plug into their cutting edge technology to provide our clients with video, still images and auto backdrops on every stock vehicle. The process is simple but very effective. Autoclenz have trained operators in the Valet Bay so that once a valet is complete and QC’d the vehicle moves to imaging where a 60 second video and still images will be taken. This is then uploaded via ipad / iphone technology and recognises the vehicle by number plate recognition, all in a matter of seconds. In fact the upload is often completed before the vehicle has left the Valet Bay and moved on site available for sale. Images can also have the backgrounds replaced automatically.

This solution delivers consistency of imaging, quality and speed of upload by making imaging part of the vehicle preparation process. It is also important to stress that video imaging versus still photography will significantly improve search engine results for your stock.  Link this with the AutosOnShow stock imaging portal and you have complete control over your shop window.

Autoclenz makes a one off imaging charge per vehicle which is driven through our PVMS (Paperless Vehicle Management System) to give complete transparency.

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682
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