Burton College Students to Professional Valeters

Lucy Duggins  22 May 2017 11:48:28
Autoclenz Training Manager, Simon King, visited Burton College on Friday to teach the Motor Vehicle Students all about professional valeting.

Simon thoroughly enjoyed showing the class of 24 how to carry out a full valet from start to finish. The students were interested and engaged throughout the demonstration and he even got a round of applause when finished.

Rob Goodyer, Head of Business Development and Employability at Burton & South Derbyshire College says ‘Thank you for supporting our Motor Vehicle Department at Burton and South Derbyshire College this morning. Simon was fantastic, he engaged with our learners, showing them how a professional valet should be performed; he explained in detail the processes that are taken and the chemicals that are used. He answered questions all through the demonstration and then did Q and A after. He’s a top bloke!’

Autoclenz look forward to visiting the college again in the future.

Image:Burton College Students to Professional Valeters

Phoenix Rangers U14 Sponsors

Lucy Duggins  15 May 2017 20:26:18
Autoclenz is proud to sponsor Phoenix Rangers U14 who play in the local Burton Junior Football League and this season have won both the league and the cup.

Phoenix Rangers U14 Manager, Tim Hassell, says ‘Without sponsors like Autoclenz we would not be able to run the football club’.

Good luck to the team for the 20017/2018 Season.

Image:Phoenix Rangers U14 Sponsors

Congratulations to Trafalgar Operators of the Month - March

Lucy Duggins  13 April 2017 12:14:47
Congratulations to Lee Wade who has been awarded Trafalgar Operator of the Month for March (North region)

Lee leads the team at Evans Halshaw Ford in Preston who have delivered on the significant high demand of this seasonal month.

Senior New Car Sales Executive Jeetendra Dave (J.D.) presented the certificate.

Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee

 Congratulations to David Swan (Team Leader) at Border Motor Group who was presented with Trafalgar Op of the Month by Hyundai Sales Showroom Manager - Chris Hodgson.

David has shown exceptional qualities ensuring the team delivered beyond the customers expectations over the new registration period.
Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee

 Congratulations to Alan Murray who has been awarded Trafalgar Operator of the Month for March (Midlands), presented by Vicky Hubbard, Service Advisor, Vantage Toyota Solihull.

Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee

Imaging – Partnering the Best

Lucy Duggins  10 April 2017 11:56:42
Autoclenz is proud to announce that we will be partnering with AutosOnShow to give our clients the best possible imaging solution in the marketplace.

By teaming up with AutosOnShow we can plug into their cutting edge technology to provide our clients with video, still images and auto backdrops on every stock vehicle. The process is simple but very effective. Autoclenz have trained operators in the Valet Bay so that once a valet is complete and QC’d the vehicle moves to imaging where a 60 second video and still images will be taken. This is then uploaded via ipad / iphone technology and recognises the vehicle by number plate recognition, all in a matter of seconds. In fact the upload is often completed before the vehicle has left the Valet Bay and moved on site available for sale. Images can also have the backgrounds replaced automatically.

This solution delivers consistency of imaging, quality and speed of upload by making imaging part of the vehicle preparation process. It is also important to stress that video imaging versus still photography will significantly improve search engine results for your stock.  Link this with the AutosOnShow stock imaging portal and you have complete control over your shop window.

Autoclenz makes a one off imaging charge per vehicle which is driven through our PVMS (Paperless Vehicle Management System) to give complete transparency.

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682


How does the min living wage increase affect you ?

Rebecca King  20 March 2017 10:46:02
    April 2017 will see the national minimum living wage increase from £7.20 to £7.50 per hour. In your business at this level this could potentially affect receptionists, drivers, cleaners and certainly valeters. In the valeting sector this is a fundamental increase in the cost of doing business. Direct labour costs run around 80% and this increase represents a 4% increase in labour cost.

    Autoclenz is all about the people, but more importantly the right people.  Our operators are put through a gruelling industry leading compliance checking process to check their driving licenses, their ability to legally work in the UK and that they are who they say they are. There is a cost to this and more importantly there is a cost to adhering to the new minimum living wage of £7.50 per hour coming in next month which supports engaging the right people.

    Over 30% of operators we are asked to engage with when winning new contracts from competitors do not pass our compliance checking process for reasons such as having no driving license, no passport / paperwork or working on a student visa to name a few. This “grey” labour promotes lower rates with no questions asked, but the risks that go with this option far outweigh any potential short term gains.

    Who is working in your valet bay today ?

    To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Rebecca on 01283 554682

    Autoclenz BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner

    Rebecca King  3 March 2017 16:12:19
      Autoclenz BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner held at the Hilton Park Lane.

      Pictured are: Matt Couzens-Davies, Justin Jones and Martin Ward of Autoclenz.

      Image:Autoclenz BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner

      Autoclenz BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner

      Rebecca King  3 March 2017 16:10:32
        Autoclenz enjoyed the company of our customers at last nights BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner held at the Hilton Park Lane.

        Pictured are : Justin Jones (Autoclenz) , Gill Penzer (Europcar) and Liz DiNardo (Europcar)

        #Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear
        Image:Autoclenz BVRLA 50th Anniversary Dinner

        Improve Used Car Performance

        Rebecca King  6 February 2017 15:08:27
          This month for the 3rd time Autoclenz will be sponsoring the “Best Used Car Performance” category at this years AM Awards in Birmingham.

          Just “getting the car cleaned” and on the forecourt with a price in it is nowhere near enough to run a successful used car operation.

          From appraisal through to sale a slick process is required to ensure maximum profit can be realised through every used unit. Autoclenz has the right IT, processes and management to ensure this happens every time. Using our PVMS system, after appraisal a used car can be booked into SMART with a controlled cost, work completed, monitored on the system and then passed in Valet with a controlled cost, work completed, and finally imaged at a controlled cost. Apart from mechanical appraisal and rectification Autoclenz will manage the remainder of the process to “ready to retail” on the forecourt at a controlled and transparent cost. All completely visible with the ability to interrogate and report on any aspect of the process through our IT system.

          Set your budget subject to your used car profile, typically around the £150 mark to include SMART, Valet & Image / Upload with a turnaround of 72 hours and you have a slick used car process to maximise profits in this area.

          We look forward to seeing you at the AM Awards on 9th February, come and say hello.

          For more information on the difference at Autoclenz contact Rebecca King on 01283 554682

          Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting

          Rebecca King  31 January 2017 14:21:12
            Quarter 1 Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting to discuss new innovation & offering including Video Imaging & Smart Repair.

            #Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear

            Image:Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting

            Cooper Banstead Trafalgar Team of the Quarter

            Rebecca King  18 January 2017 15:18:44

              Congratulations to the team at Cooper Banstead who have been awarded Trafalgar Team of the Quarter.

              The team pictured L-R are: Vasil Angelov, Ihor Lysiuk , Isaac Gyinaye , Paul Martins and Arsen Branowski.

              #Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear

              Image:Cooper Banstead Trafalgar Team of the Quarter