Masterclass in valeting for automotive students

Lucy Duggins  12 April 2019 09:20:55
Masterclass in valeting for automotive students

Automotive students at Burton and South Derbyshire College were recently given a masterclass in car valeting by professional valeting company, Autoclenz.

Representatives from Autoclenz, visited automotive students at the College to deliver an enriching session on how to professionally valet a car.

Students then used the skills they had learnt to deliver their own car check and valeting service for cars owned by college staff as part of a week-long charity car valeting event.

The students booked cars in from across the College and provided a service which included a pre-MOT check and an interior and exterior valet, all in exchange for a donation to road safety charity, Brake.

Jon Harding, Regional Manager, from Autoclenz said: “We’re pleased that the demonstration carried out was worthwhile to students and gave an insight into professional valeting. We are always trying to introduce professional valeting to a wider audience, so this was a great opportunity to help us attract younger people into the industry. The mutual benefits are plain to see, with Autoclenz being able to share with the students some of the latest techniques and technology covering numerous sectors within the automotive industry, whilst we as a business have the opportunity to listen to the thoughts and innovative ideas of the next generation of skilled people”.

Students used the project as an opportunity to gain work experience with real customers in a realistic automotive workshop environment. During the week, students worked to deadlines and quality standards, whilst gaining an understanding of the range of roles involved in the process.

Martin Ward, Managing Director, from Autoclenz said “With our service offerings including vehicle presentation maintenance, valeting of new and used vehicles, delivery and collection services, alloy wheel repairs, as well as paint, bodyshop and management opportunities, I believe that Autoclenz can demonstrate a proven career journey for young people who show an interest in working in the automotive sector and it is great to be able to give students a taste of where that journey may begin”.

Peter Brochocki, Deputy Director of Curriculum for Automotive at BSDC said: “We would like to thank Autoclenz for giving students a masterclass in car valeting. The project is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience, providing a high-quality service and meeting customer expectations. It is also a good way for students to use their skills to raise money for Brake, which is an extremely worthwhile cause.”

Image:Masterclass in valeting for automotive students


Lucy Duggins  27 March 2019 15:23:59
Autoclenz is best known for its vehicle valeting services but there’s a whole lot more to Autoclenz than cleaning cars. Clients now benefit from a suite of services that can save money, increase revenues and improve your customer satisfaction.

This month we look at how Autoclenz can help you deliver added value for your customers and added profits for you too.

Earn a Significant Margin on SMART Repairs

Whether you’re a Retail Dealership, Auction House, Volume Refurbishment or Daily Rental Operator, the ability to consistently deliver a high-quality customer experience is paramount. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, you also need to exploit every avenue for potential sources of new revenue.


Autoclenz Smart currently provides on-site smart repair services to many dealerships. This not only helps the Sales department improve their vehicle turnaround time but, most importantly, it allows the Service Department to upsell customers with Smart repairs at retail prices yielding significant margins for the dealership. So, why not use the Service Inspection as a launch-pad to open the discussion with your customers about having cosmetic repairs carried out?

Having the ability to offer something to your Service customers that is different will help improve your customer satisfaction ratings. If this also means an improvement in the bottom line, then that is a real win-win.

Join Our Blue-chip Client List

Autoclenz is the regular winner of industry awards and is the preferred supplier for 8 of the AM Top 10 Dealer Groups. Why not ask us how our SMART Repairs solution could work for you?

Contact Lucy on 01283 554682 or email

Autoclenz is 50

Lucy Duggins  10 January 2019 11:01:49
In 2019, Autoclenz is delighted to celebrate 50 years in business servicing the valeting and cosmetic repair sectors within the motor industry. A name you can trust, Autoclenz is a multi-million-pound enterprise at the cutting edge of the customer experience, which has earned them a reputation for excellence within the automotive industry.  

Image:Autoclenz is 50

CEO of Autoclenz, Grahame Rummery commented; “Over the years, we are proud to have driven the industry in terms of innovation. We have made doing business with us easier, smoother and more cost efficient, whether that’s Valeting, Cosmetic Repair, Delivery & Collection, Premises Cleaning or Imaging. We continually focus on delivering the best all-round customer experience in our industry. We are extremely proud of Autoclenz and the awards we have achieved are testament to this ”.

We will be celebrating in various ways throughout the year so make sure you keep an eye out for further updates.

Spend should be the driver, not price

Lucy Duggins  1 January 2019 11:07:52
A Happy 2019 to you from all of us at Autoclenz.

When Autoclenz receive tenders for new business, we always ask ‘how is this client looking at selecting or benchmarking their current valet supplier?’

Often it can be due to service issues, but almost always it seems to be about price, or certainly spend.

Any supplier can put forward what seems to be a very competitive pricing page and therefore a compelling case for change. But this is not the whole story. Notoriously in valeting, cheaper suppliers win the business on cheaper rates, but support their margin by billing multiple codes or unmanaged sundry items.

When controlling costs, transparency is king. At Autoclenz, utilising our cloud-based paperless vehicle management system (PVMS), we can gatekeep your spend, by vehicle, by department, and by site, to ensure you hit your budget. Our system is bespoke, so we can configure it to suit each customer’s application. Along with its very powerful reporting suite, it has proven to be a very valuable management tool in the modern-day dealership.

Image:Spend should be the driver, not price

On like-for-like pricing, PVMS Gatekeeper can save at least 3% by controlling and limiting multiple codes and unnecessary spending.
Using this tool along with pricing that supports sustainable service delivery, your spending can be controlled to the penny, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

For more information on the difference Autoclenz can make to your business, please call Lucy on 01283 554 682, or visit

Control your valeting costs

Lucy Duggins  10 October 2018 10:50:59
It’s budget time, that part of the year when many dealers are benchmarking their current valet supplier as spending for the following year is set.

Decisions will largely be based on “best pricing” policy, which is not the complete answer. Competitive pricing by itself is not the key to controlling your expenditure. Cheap pricing with rising labour costs is artificial and somewhere in the contract spend may be hidden sales of multiple cleaning per vehicles, or additional sundry codes being unnecessarily booked.

This will ultimately give an inflated level of sales spending, required to support a “cheap” valet price deal. Pay the right price in the first place and then control those prices with complete transparency.

At Autoclenz, using our cloud-based paperless vehicle management system, PVMS, we can “gatekeep” your spending, by vehicle, by department, or by site, to ensure you hit your budget. Our system can be configured to suit each customer’s application, whether on a spending limit per vehicle, code allowance per vehicle or monthly cost.
Image:Control your valeting costs

Along with its reporting suite, it has proven to be a very valuable management tool in the modern dealership, saving up to 3% on like-for-like pricing by stopping unnecessary cleans. Utilising this tool along with pricing that supports legal, compliant and sustainable service delivery, your spending can be controlled to the penny, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

For more information on the difference Autoclenz can make to your business, please call Lucy on 01283 554 682, or visit

Autoclenz Lauches Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Service

Lucy Duggins  8 August 2018 11:35:32
Autoclenz is delighted to announce the launch of its new Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Repair Service. The fully branded, rapid wheel repair vehicle provides customers with a fast, one stop service whilst achieving the ultimate diamond cut finish of the wheel. Equipped with the latest specialist machinery necessary to carry out the technical process, the wheel can be repaired and replaced at the customer’s site, within the same day.

With more than 40 years’ valeting and cosmetic repair experience servicing the motor industry, Autoclenz has invested £90,000 in the bespoke vehicle, self-contained machinery and equipment. When it comes to mobile same day alloy refurbishment, Autoclenz is one of a very select premium mobile diamond cut alloy repair providers in the country.

CEO of Autoclenz, Grahame Rummery commented; “We have designed this vehicle from scratch working with custom-build professionals. This new service, which is driven by customer demand and innovation, will be launched in conjunction with the opening of our dedicated Alloy Wheel Repair Centre in Crewe. The repair centre will offer the same Premium Diamond Cut Alloy Repair Service, as well as a Collection and Delivery Service within the surrounding areas of Stoke, Stockport, Chester and South Cheshire. Both of these new services will create substantial growth within our Cosmetic Repair Division making valuable additions to our portfolio of services”.

Image:Autoclenz Lauches Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Service

The bespoke diamond cutting machine will provide the highest quality finish within the quickest turnaround time, removing the need for providing a courtesy car to the customer. The service will be offered to trade customers with the ability to complete up to 8 diamond cut refurbishments per day at the customer’s premises.

Jon Harding, Regional Manager for Autoclenz Cosmetic Repair says “The introduction of this mobile service allows stock to remain on site, resulting in a quicker turnaround and increased revenue. We are extremely proud of this latest initiative which firmly establishes Autoclenz as the clear leader in automotive preparation”.

The first fully equipped van will be available from early September 2018, initially operating in the Midlands area.

Autoclenz is now accepting bookings by contacting Janie Lynch on 01283 554678 or by emailing;

Autoclenz Ltd achieves ISO 14001:2015 certification

Lucy Duggins  23 July 2018 10:43:22
Autoclenz Ltd are delighted to announce that it has successfully achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for Head Office and Regional Management activities associated with the provision of all car valeting and car refurbishment services, establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

Autoclenz’s SHE&Q Manager, John Watson, said “We’re thrilled to have achieved ISO 14001, an industry standard that outlines the requirements needed for Environmental Management Systems. This demonstrates our drive to constantly improve our environmental performance and the certification is a testament to the considerable investment to control and reduce the environmental impact of activities throughout all Divisions of Autoclenz’.

Image:Autoclenz Ltd achieves ISO 14001:2015 certification

In Quarter 4 2016 Autoclenz embarked upon a Continuous Improvement (C.I) Program encompassing all departments and subjects, from Environmental through to Occupational H&S, and all employees.

As well as the new Environmental Management System, over the past 12 months 37 Managers across the Company have successfully completed the IOSH Working Safely qualification and 7 Managers have achieved the IOSH Managing Safely qualification, with more Managers arranged to undertake the IOSH Managing Safely course in November this year. Further strengthening the H&S infrastructure is the recruitment of a NEBOSH qualified H&S Officer, who has been in the new role since May.

The independent external audit for the ISO 14001:2015 award was conducted by DNV GL, one of the leading global providers of accredited Management Systems certification.

Valeting in the Digital Age

Lucy Duggins  16 May 2018 13:01:06
IT doesn’t clean cars, it will always be a highly labour intensive activity to prepare vehicles to the highest retail standards, however IT plays an important part in creating efficient workflow and controlling spend.

The Autoclenz PVMS (Paperless Vehicle Management System) is the ultimate tool in controlling the movement of your stock through the valet, preparation & imaging process whilst controlling total spend. We can configure the system on a site by site basis with approved users, departments and sign offs. We can also set spend limits via the “Gatekeeper” platform by valet code, vehicle, department or site and reduce duplicate and multiple cleans. Clients have reported 3% savings using this function. Operationally PVMS gives live data on awaiting work, work in progress and completed work through the valet bay.  This is key for our Account Management team in resourcing the valet bay through busy times.

Image:Valeting in the Digital Age

Our additional services of SMART Repair and Imaging also progress through PVMS giving complete transparency to the full process of refurbishment through to ready to retail and live for sale on your website at a controlled spend.

Link PVMS with Autoclenz MI to evidence our service delivery and Account Management and you have the best IT to manage efficient vehicle preparation on budget, on time and to the right quality. Who said IT doesn’t clean cars ?

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682

Who is in your valeting bay?

Lucy Duggins  16 April 2018 12:21:07
 The 2015 Modern Slavery Act – what does it mean to you? This piece of legislation has been in place for three years, but only now seems to be resonating with dealerships.

This legislation has resulted in a number of cases where directors/owners have been imprisoned for using illegal slave labour on far less than minimum wage. Significantly, it was not just the outsourcing supplier that was brought to justice, but also the customer, who should have been aware of this activity and that the pricing being paid could not support at least the national minimum wage.

So, who is in your valeting bay? Have you asked your current supplier to provide you with documentation on each of the operators on site, copies of passports, copies of driving licences etc? Do you ask how much they are getting paid in fees? Is your pricing supporting minimum wage? Warning signs include a high turnover of operators – constantly changing faces due to their lack of ability to earn – and cash payments.

Image:Who is in your valeting bay?

In the past, many dealers have taken a “this is not my problem” approach. However, this legislation puts you at risk of being prosecuted along with the outsourcing supplier, as well as any potential fallout affecting your reputation or even share price.
Autoclenz leads the way in compliance and legality to ensure our clients are not compromised.

For more information on the difference that Autoclenz can make to your business, please call Lucy on 01283 554 682, or visit our website:

Automotive Supplier Of The Year 2018

Lucy Duggins  9 April 2018 12:32:52
We are pleased to announce that Autoclenz have been awarded 'Automotive Supplier Of The Year 2018'.

Image:Automotive Supplier Of The Year 2018

Sales Director, Martin Peters, tells us more about Autoclenz and the services it offers.

Autoclenz provides a wide range of services to retailers of new and used vehicles and to the daily rental and vehicle remarketing industries. These services include vehicle valeting, cosmetic smart repairs, imaging, vehicle delivery and collection as well as premises cleaning. Martin discusses the firm’s mission and how it works to achieve this by providing the very highest standards of service and support to its valued clients, who include 8 of the top 10 UK automotive dealer groups and the UK’s largest rental and auction companies.

“Here at Autoclenz, our mission is to offer the best fully outsourced solution to our automotive clients and continue to develop new services to help improve our client’s customer journey. As such, we are focussed on delivering the highest levels of customer service in a highly competitive marketplace. This is achieved through our network of nationally placed Regional Managers, Account Managers and operators who choose to work with us.”

It is not just the senior team that drives success for Autoclenz, and as such Martin is keen to express his pride in the work of the firm’s dedicated team, who help support the company and provide clients with the superior service they expect.

“At Autoclenz we have many long-term employees, all of whom work very hard to help the firm succeed. Therefore, last year we started celebrating our long service employees. In November, we celebrated 13 employees who have been with Autoclenz for over 20 years, which is a real achievement when you think of the experience and understanding of the industry that lies with those individuals and the fact that they have been loyal in all those years.”

Looking ahead, the vehicle maintenance industry looks set to face a myriad of challenges thanks to Brexit and the uncertainty this creates. Despite this, Martin foresees many exciting developments for Autoclenz, as the firm seeks to grow and flourish whilst continuing to offer the exceptional level of support and service that it has come to pride itself on.

“Moving forward, our aim is to continue our sustainable growth and become the partner of choice for the UK automotive market. We have already had interest in our services in Europe and we are exploring the possibility that this is a growth area that we can build on due to our reputation in the UK.”

For more information visit or call Lucy on 01283 554682.

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