Imaging, the ultimate shop window

Lucy Duggins  23 November 2017 11:27:50
Image:Imaging, the ultimate shop window

The ability to present your stock for sale in the best light is essential, not only physically on-site, but wherever the marketplace takes you. Why have the fixed cost of a digital photographer or outsource company coming on site? Surely the best time for imaging a vehicle is when it is freshly valeted and quality controlled?

Autoclenz has the solution working with our partners, AutosOnShow. Via a configured app, we can photograph vehicles with backdrops, and take a 60-second video if required, as part of a controlled process. Every used vehicle is photographed at the point of valet, ensuring the best quality of image.

Furthermore, we upload the images in a matter of seconds, often before the vehicle has even been driven onto the forecourt and priced. As part of our service, we manage the quality and stock-versus-images ratios to ensure consistency of quality and volume. All of this at a very attractive per car charge, no fixed cost and a flexible invoice.

Imagine your website showing every vehicle freshly valeted, displayed in the same way with video and stills, uploaded at the point of valet in a speedy manner.

Link this with some very impressive search engine optimisation tools that ensure your stock is being matched to prospects’ specific search criteria and the results speak for themselves.

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Control your valeting costs with Autoclenz

Lucy Duggins  1 November 2017 15:17:17
It’s tender time of year when many dealers are benchmarking their current valet supplier as budgets are set. Often it can be triggered due to unresolved service issues but the outcome will always focus on pricing, or more to the point spend.

Competitive pricing is one thing although by itself is not the key to controlling your spend. Quotations with very sharp pricing will have to support this pricing in some way and typically that will result in multiple cleaning per vehicles, ie a car could receive numerous valets whilst in stock which will affect your average per unit valet cost. This will lead to scratching of heads with dealership accountants who know they have a “cheap” valeting deal but can’t understand why their spend is spiralling out of control.

At Autoclenz utilising our PVMS cloud based system we can “gatekeep” your spend, by vehicle, by department, by site to ensure you hit your budget.  Our system is bespoke so we can configure to suit each customers application, whether on a spend limit per vehicle, code allowance per vehicle or monthly cost.  Along with it’s reporting suite it has proven to be a very valuable management tool in the modern day dealership.

Utilising this tool along with pricing that supports legal, compliant & sustainable service delivery your spend can be controlled to the penny giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

Image:Control your valeting costs with Autoclenz

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Divisional Support vehicles sourced from loyal partner

Lucy Duggins  17 October 2017 09:08:30

Autoclenz has recently sourced 5 new Divisional Support vehicles to support our customer growth in our Southern area. After much consideration our choice of supplying dealer came from one of our long term partners in the shape of Howards Motor Group in Somerset who have supported Autoclenz for the past 18 years.

Keen pricing, great customer service and a great product underlined the deal for 5 Citroen Berlingo 1.6 BlueHDi 625 Enterprise vans with great fuel economy, low emis...sions, sat nav, air con and 3 seats in standard spec backed up by 100,000 miles warranty.

Martin Peters commented "Howards have been a loyal partner since launching our 1st account with them back in 1999 which I put on myself as a BDM. At Autoclenz we feel it is important to spend with supporting dealers which further cements our relationship and Howards are a great example of this”.

Pictured L-R Martin Peters Sales Director of Autoclenz Group with Peter Haynes Managing Director of Howards Motor Group

Image:Divisional Support vehicles sourced from loyal partner

Improve customer journey & customer retention with Autoclenz

Lucy Duggins  1 October 2017 15:13:12
Why do customers choose your dealership? Is it location, ease of booking, staff attitude, quality of service wash, pricing etc? Well it’s of all of these and more, but it is certainly true that the Aftersales customer journey will significantly help to retain customers for both Sales and Aftersales whilst encouraging repeat business.

So you need to differentiate your business by delivering a great customer experience that will drive customer numbers, spend and those all important CSi rankings?

Autoclenz can improve customer experience in Aftersales in 3 main areas. Firstly the ease of booking. We can offer a fully insured collection & delivery solution so that your customer doesn’t need to leave their home or workplace. This is very popular with fleet users. This also keeps lead times down and releases pressure on the courtesy cars. Secondly we can improve the “free” service wash which is a great opportunity to wow the customer.  Small low cost improvements by dressing tyres, striping carpets and “new car” essence air freshener in addition to the usual wash, leather & vac can really enhance customer perception. Thirdly the upsell. Offer a full valet or SMART repair whilst the car is on site, again improving customer perception and ultimately profit.

These are all either self-funding or low cost initiatives to improve Aftersales customer experience, and therefore customer retention.

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Ready to Retail with Autoclenz

Lucy Duggins  9 September 2017 15:04:49
Imagine a world where your used stock could be appraised, SMART / Bodyshop, Valeted & Imaged within 72 hours of arriving on site. This is a reality with Autoclenz and our fully managed outsource solution. With our specialist operational management and IT systems we can create efficient workflows, processes and transparent financial control.

The Autoclenz PVMS (Paperless Vehicle Management System) is the ultimate tool in controlling the movement of your stock through the valet, preparation & imaging process whilst controlling the spend. We can set spend limits via the “Gatekeeper” platform to prepare on budget. PVMS is live showing jobs awaiting, progressing and completed through the valet bay. This also helps resourcing the process through busy times.

SMART Repair through our on site SMART shop solution bridges the gap between typical SMART Repair and Bodyshop ensuring any stock stays on site and can be processed efficiently. Imaging, linked with our partners platform Autos on Show, also progress through PVMS giving complete transparency to the full process of refurbishment through to ready to retail and live for sale on your website at a controlled spend.

Link PVMS with Autoclenz MI which launched earlier this year to evidence our service delivery and Account Management and you have the best IT to manage efficient vehicle preparation on budget, on time and to the right quality.

Image:Ready to Retail with Autoclenz

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz
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Autoclenz is proud to be partnering the AM Awards in 2018

Lucy Duggins  14 August 2017 14:42:29
Autoclenz is proud to be partnering the AM Awards in 2018 for the 4th year running, sponsoring "Best Used Car Performance" which aligns perfectly with the Autoclenz experience. Whether you are a Retail Dealership, Auction House, Volume Refurbishment or Daily Rental Operator, the ability to consistently deliver a high quality customer experience is paramount.

With the customer journey now an integral part of automotive retail, Autoclenz offers a full solution to all preparation needs with services ranging from Valet, Meet & Greet, Delivery & Collection, Premises Cleaning, Imaging and a fully managed Cosmetic Repair and Smartshop service that provides a complete cosmetic repair solution on-site.

From the quality of service to the regular proactive account management through to innovative IT that allows you to control your operation and spend per unit, Autoclenz is best placed to deliver the full one-stop, award winning outsource solution to the Motor Industry.

Image:Autoclenz is proud to be partnering the AM Awards in 2018

Autoclenz, more than valeting . . .

Lucy Duggins  15 July 2017 14:52:16
Autoclenz’s success has come from listening to clients and creating a portfolio of services that can either save money, increase revenues or improve customer satisfaction.

Saving money comes from the efficiency of a specialist outsource company managing your valet bay, the economies of scale in supporting the operation and transparent IT to track productivity, control spend and promote efficiency. Simplify your preparation process with Autoclenz managing your Valeting, SMART Repair & Imaging / upload.

Increasing revenues comes from the speed of vehicles being available for sale and the Value Add of upselling over the Aftersales Desk.  This can be the upsell from a standard service wash to a mini valet or full valet, or if you have the Autoclenz SMART solution it could be the ability to do the customer car repairs on site whilst in for service.

And finally improved CSI. Well all of the above will certainly help with a customer’s perception of your business. Our Value Add portfolio includes Car Park Concierge to help your customer’s park, Meet & Greet operators to set the scene for your customers dealership visit and Collection & Delivery, again to enhance the offering to your customers.  All of these could be the difference why a customer chooses you as opposed to your competition.

Image:Autoclenz, more than valeting . . .

Autoclenz, certainly more than just valeting.

To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682

Burton College Students to Professional Valeters

Lucy Duggins  22 May 2017 11:48:28
Autoclenz Training Manager, Simon King, visited Burton College on Friday to teach the Motor Vehicle Students all about professional valeting.

Simon thoroughly enjoyed showing the class of 24 how to carry out a full valet from start to finish. The students were interested and engaged throughout the demonstration and he even got a round of applause when finished.

Rob Goodyer, Head of Business Development and Employability at Burton & South Derbyshire College says ‘Thank you for supporting our Motor Vehicle Department at Burton and South Derbyshire College this morning. Simon was fantastic, he engaged with our learners, showing them how a professional valet should be performed; he explained in detail the processes that are taken and the chemicals that are used. He answered questions all through the demonstration and then did Q and A after. He’s a top bloke!’

Autoclenz look forward to visiting the college again in the future.

Image:Burton College Students to Professional Valeters

Phoenix Rangers U14 Sponsors

Lucy Duggins  15 May 2017 20:26:18
Autoclenz is proud to sponsor Phoenix Rangers U14 who play in the local Burton Junior Football League and this season have won both the league and the cup.

Phoenix Rangers U14 Manager, Tim Hassell, says ‘Without sponsors like Autoclenz we would not be able to run the football club’.

Good luck to the team for the 20017/2018 Season.

Image:Phoenix Rangers U14 Sponsors

Congratulations to Trafalgar Operators of the Month - March

Lucy Duggins  13 April 2017 12:14:47
Congratulations to Lee Wade who has been awarded Trafalgar Operator of the Month for March (North region)

Lee leads the team at Evans Halshaw Ford in Preston who have delivered on the significant high demand of this seasonal month.

Senior New Car Sales Executive Jeetendra Dave (J.D.) presented the certificate.

Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee

 Congratulations to David Swan (Team Leader) at Border Motor Group who was presented with Trafalgar Op of the Month by Hyundai Sales Showroom Manager - Chris Hodgson.

David has shown exceptional qualities ensuring the team delivered beyond the customers expectations over the new registration period.
Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee

 Congratulations to Alan Murray who has been awarded Trafalgar Operator of the Month for March (Midlands), presented by Vicky Hubbard, Service Advisor, Vantage Toyota Solihull.

Image:March Operator of the Month...Well done Lee