Improve Used Car Performance

Rebecca King  6 February 2017 15:08:27
    This month for the 3rd time Autoclenz will be sponsoring the “Best Used Car Performance” category at this years AM Awards in Birmingham.

    Just “getting the car cleaned” and on the forecourt with a price in it is nowhere near enough to run a successful used car operation.

    From appraisal through to sale a slick process is required to ensure maximum profit can be realised through every used unit. Autoclenz has the right IT, processes and management to ensure this happens every time. Using our PVMS system, after appraisal a used car can be booked into SMART with a controlled cost, work completed, monitored on the system and then passed in Valet with a controlled cost, work completed, and finally imaged at a controlled cost. Apart from mechanical appraisal and rectification Autoclenz will manage the remainder of the process to “ready to retail” on the forecourt at a controlled and transparent cost. All completely visible with the ability to interrogate and report on any aspect of the process through our IT system.

    Set your budget subject to your used car profile, typically around the £150 mark to include SMART, Valet & Image / Upload with a turnaround of 72 hours and you have a slick used car process to maximise profits in this area.

    We look forward to seeing you at the AM Awards on 9th February, come and say hello.

    For more information on the difference at Autoclenz contact Rebecca King on 01283 554682

    Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting

    Rebecca King  31 January 2017 14:21:12
      Quarter 1 Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting to discuss new innovation & offering including Video Imaging & Smart Repair.

      #Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear

      Image:Autoclenz Sales Team Meeting

      Cooper Banstead Trafalgar Team of the Quarter

      Rebecca King  18 January 2017 15:18:44

        Congratulations to the team at Cooper Banstead who have been awarded Trafalgar Team of the Quarter.

        The team pictured L-R are: Vasil Angelov, Ihor Lysiuk , Isaac Gyinaye , Paul Martins and Arsen Branowski.

        #Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear

        Image:Cooper Banstead Trafalgar Team of the Quarter

        Outsource in 2017

        Rebecca King  18 January 2017 11:05:50
          A Happy 2017 to you from all of us at Autoclenz. 2016 was a record year at Autoclenz in terms of new business gains and customer retention, now to do it all again.

          Autoclenz partners the best in the industry across all sectors of the motor industry including BCA, GEFCO, Motorpoint, Avis, Europcar, Mercedes Benz Retail , Porsche Retail and Pendragon to name a few.

          The reasons clients choose Autoclenz is in the main due to our 4 pillars of Compliance, Account Management, Robust Service Delivery and Innovation. However it’s is not just enough to deliver what you have always done.  We understand the challenges that face our clients and are constantly recommending solutions, adding value and ultimately delivering.

          From our vast experience across the industry we know what best practice looks like and how to implement this into your business. Outsourcing to specialists is the way forward so you can focus on your core activities and have the best of both worlds.

          So the question is what are you going to do to improve and enhance your customer’s journey ? An easy solution is talk to Autoclenz and let us benchmark your current arrangements on Valeting, Cosmetic Repairs, Imaging & Collection Delivery. Outsource and share the responsibility in the challenges you have in 2017.

          To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Rebecca on 01283 554682

          Image:Outsource in 2017

          Announcement on Behalf of the Board of Autoclenz

          Rebecca King  15 November 2016 12:04:28

            On behalf of the Board of Autoclenz, I am pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, Martin Ward will be promoted to the position of Managing Director of Autoclenz.

            This is a much deserved promotion after years of loyal service and a great deal of dedication and time put in to the ongoing success of Autoclenz over the past years.

            As you all know Martin has been a long term employee of Autoclenz and has helped us all grow to the success story we know today and without Martin’s input none of us would have the benefit of that success.

            Once again, on behalf of the Board of Autoclenz, we would all like to offer our congratulations and thanks to Martin.

            Grahame Rummery
            Chief Executive

            Image:Announcement on Behalf of the Board of Autoclenz

            Audi Crawley Trafalgar Team of the Month

            Rebecca King  10 November 2016 15:53:06

              Congratulations to the Team at Audi Crawley who have been awarded Trafalgar Team of the Month.
              Image:Audi Crawley Trafalgar Team of the Month

              Pictured L>R is Autoclenz Account Manager - Igor Kozhushko, Autoclenz Account Manager - David Tolchard, Autoclenz Operations Manager - Matt Couzens-Davies, Audi General Manager - Robin Knight, Arunas Kondratavicius, Gwiazdowski Damian, Tomas Dovidaitis, Haiduc Danie Cristian

              Trafalgar Team Of The Month - BCA Sandwich

              Lucy Duggins  8 November 2016 14:47:44
              Congratulations to the Team at BCA Sandwich who have been awarded Trafalgar Team of the Month, nominated by Workshop Manager, Steve Morley, for maintaining quality during the busy period.

              Pictured L-R is Dan Lemon, Pawel Krokowski, Michal Lewandowski, Adam Wisniewski, Krzysztof Trawinski (below), Patryk Chmal, Tim Pulley, Steve Morley, Robert Sliwinski, Janis Ansons, Michal Walewski, Szymon Chmiel, Jewgenij Skripnik, Del Warner

              Image:Trafalgar Team Of The Month - BCA Sandwich

              'Can I just say thank you to you and the team for the support you have given me these previous weeks but a huge well done and thank you to the valet Team themselves, in the number of vehicles that they have been producing whilst going through a very busy time. As we all know who have done this work it is very hard to keep on completing 8 and 9 full valets per person per day whilst maintaining the quality that is required, so well done to all the team and keep up the good work.'
              Steve Morley
              Workshop Manager – BCA Sandwich

              Brand Integrity

              Lucy Duggins  4 November 2016 16:22:39
                During recent new and existing tender negotiations I keep hearing the same phrase, “Brand Integrity”. What does this mean and what relevance does this have to an outsource partner?
                The truth is that your chosen outsource partner plays a crucial role in protecting and enhancing your brand, whether that be as a Dealer Group, individual Dealership or indeed your own personal brand as an individual.

                It is quite clear to me that at the highest level the choice of your outsource Valet partner is now a much bigger decision that is now no longer just about the quality of valet, operator numbers and cost control. In the current challenging times of labour shortage, BREXIT and all that goes with this there are many “shortcuts” that can be taken to source any labour to get the job done. This is a very dangerous game.

                Image:Brand Integrity

                At Autoclenz every operator is checked through the Border & Immigration portal for the right to work in the UK, driving license and identity checks. We work with an external agency Intellekt to ensure any previous offenders in the industry are flagged should they wish to join us. Furthermore our stance on paying at least the minimum living wage of the day means you really do have peace of mind.

                There is a cost to this but rest assured your Brand, whether Personal, Dealership or Group will very much remain intact.

                To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682

                October AM

                Lucy Duggins  21 October 2016 15:04:32
                The October Edition of AM is out now!

                Check out OUR Supplier Showcase on pages 50-51 to find out why Autoclenz is the preferred supplier for 8 of the AM Top 10 Dealer Groups and why with Autoclenz #TheDifferenceIsClear.

                Image:October AM
                On page 109 you will find the monthly Executive Panel where Autoclenz Sales Director, Martin Peters, suggests a few minor tweaks to the Wash, Leather and Vacuum that have a minimal cost, but maximum customer impact.

                It is also great to be aligned with some of our clients this month, including BCA whose Supplier Showcase can be found on page 62, giving a great insight into their remarketing process and on page 88 you will find Gefco’s Logistics Director, John Stocker, talking about the benefits of carrying out PDI and vehicle preparation at the port of entry.

                To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz please call Lucy on 01283 554682.

                Don’t treat valeting as a commodity in this year’s budget

                Lucy Duggins  11 October 2016 12:12:11
                Budgets are well under way, if not already signed off, and it is the time of year for tender season to benchmark current valet arrangements, both operational and financial.

                This approach typically falls into one of two categories.

                The first is a very old-school approach – that it is all about driving the cheapest price, a commodity purchase. Get four or five quotes and the cheapest wins, because all valet suppliers are the same. This is particularly short-sighted, in my opinion.

                A set of prices is just that, it has no relevance to the ultimate spend of the contract: Are there any cost controls? Is it a fully managed service or simply a labour supplier, which you will have to manage? How will it affect your business if it goes wrong? How will it affect your customer’s journey? What valeter fees does the pricing support?

                The second category is where Autoclenz sits. Every penny you spend with Autoclenz is a cost to your business, but ultimately an investment in your customer’s journey and the reason why a well managed supply partner is the way to go.

                Valeting is not a commodity, it is not stationery, oil or paper clips. There is a vast chasm between the good, the bad and the ugly. Invest in valeting to improve your customer satisfaction.

                To find out more about the difference at Autoclenz, please call Lucy on 01283 554682.

                Image:Don’t treat valeting as a commodity in this year’s budget